Features & Advantages         of the Product
   Before use this product
   Product Specification
        and Composition
  Before use this product
Do not disassemble or alter the lock by discretion.
 Assembling or disassembling the doorlock may damage the product. Damages of the product, which is caused by unauthorized person, could damage to your property.
If this kind of situation is happened, please contact our Customer Service.
In the case that the product generates harmful gases, please remove the batteries immediately from the product
   If you do not handle this step immeditately, the product may get a big damage.
Please keep the product away from the water or any liquids.
   If the product is exposed to salty water or liquids, please wipe off the moisture with a soft cloth.
Please, check the batteries every 6 months to see that the batteries leaks or still in the cleanliness state of battery termanal.
  If leakage is discovered, please wipe out the leaked things with a dry cloth and replace old batteries to new one. In the case of the exposure to leakage, wash them with soap and water immediately.
Do not clean the product with flammable materials, such as alcohol,
  benzene or thinner. Such material may damage the surface or cause fires.
Batteries should not be exposed directly to heat sources, flames or submurged in water, because they may leak or explode, resulting in severe damages.
  Please do not use damaged batteries.
Do not allow the battery electrodes to make contact with metals, such as keys.
  Otherwise, the battery may overheat, cause explosions or severe demages.
Please do not close the door with deadbolt in locked position.
   It may damage the product or cause malfunctions.
Do not force to pull the front cover.
  It may damage the product or cause malfunctions.